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Sound Engineering Lessons in Johannesburg
Sound Engineering Lessons in Johannesburg

If you're not into playing a music instrument or even if you already do play a music instrument but would like to get into the field of sound engineering then we have the place to learn all about sound engineering. The Performance Acadmey has a fully kitted rehearsal studio and recording studio where you can learn the basics to the final product, using professional sound equipment and with the expert guidance of our resident sound engineering fundi Greg Bester.

Greg has years of experience in the sound engineering game and has worked with many local and international bands, he's been nominated and won SAMA awards, so you're in good hands if you'd like to learn about sound engineering from someone with proven experience in the real world of music and sound management.

At the centre of our sound equipment is the Trident 28-4-26 Series 70 console, this console has everything you'll need and learning on this console will ensure that you will be able to work in most recorrding studios in the world, producing professional quality music.

The recording studio and rehearsal studio are also equipped with most common DAWs such as...

  • Pro Tools
  • Cubase
  • Nuendo
  • Logic
  • Reaper
  • Ardour
  • Studio One
this makes translating projects to and from the studio a breeze.

To handle Digital Audio Conversion we use Lynx and Apogee, we have two UAD cards which offer top class processing to the table and we have a many other free and commercial plug-ins. For monitoring we use the industry standard Yamaha HS80M monitors.

So if you'd like to break into the music scene but don't want to learn how to play a music instrument, then think about sound engineering, or if you're a musician and would like to take control of how your end product is setup and produced then learning about sound engineering will allow you to take control of the production side of your music

The Performance Academy offers sound engineering lessons. To find out more, please fill in the Contact Form below and we'll get our sound engineering teacher to assist you from there.

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