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Piano keyboard music teachers in Johannesburg
Piano Keyboard Music Lessons in Johannesburg

Learning to play the piano can be very rewarding, it's one of those music instruments that attracts many people to music and to learning how to play an instrument. The Performance Academey offers piano and keyboard music lessons in Johannesburg from beginners to pros.

If you love music but haven't decided what instrument to begin with then consider the piano or keyboard. The piano or keyboard is a classic music instrument which many people have learned to play and which can be played in almost any genre of music. Research has shown that not only is learning the piano rewarding and fun but it can actually improve your IQ as well.

The piano has been around for a long time and might not be as easy to begin playing as some of the other musical instruments but it can be picked up with the help of an experienced music teacher, someone that will guide you and help you play like a pro.

With piano or keyboard music lessons, you will develop your levels of concentration and discipline more than on almost any other instrument, the piano or keyboard requires that you maintain focus and concentration while playing, a valuable by product of learning how to play the piano.

If you're a parent looking to send your child to piano or keyboard music lessons then you're going to be doing them a huge favour, not only will piano lessons help them learn how to play one of the most popular music instruments, but there will be many mental payoffs as well. Studies have shown that children who learn to play the piano also improve in other areas of academics such as maths.

No matter how old you are learning to play the piano or keyboard has also been shown to have a major positive impact on your memory and hand eye coordination. It seems that there are so many benefits to learning to play the piano or keyboard that everyone should be forced to learn.

If you are considering learning to play a music instrument the give the piano a serious thought, ignore the stereotypes of the grumpy old piano teacher and come and see our experienced, friendly music teachers who will have you pllaying concertos is no time.

The Performance Academy offers piano keyboard lessons for any level of player from beginning to advanced and anyone in between. To find out more, please fill in the Contact Form below and we'll get one of our piano/keyboard teachers to assist you from here.

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